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Warrior book cover Warrior (2 Prophecy)
by Ellen Oh

On shelves 12/31/2013

I will freely admit to being a sucker for epic adventures with exotic but grounded settings and firm roots in history and folklore. So of course...

Falcon in the Glass book cover Falcon in the Glass
by Susan Fletcher

On shelves 07/09/2013

What first caught my eye about Susan Fletcher's Falcon in the Glass was that it's a middle grade historical fantasy set in Italy...

Will in Scarlet book cover Will in Scarlet
by Matthew Cody

On shelves 10/08/2013

It does take a certain chutzpah to tackle such worn territory as the Robin Hood mythology. What could possibly be said that hasn't been said and...

"The President Has Been Shot!": The Assassination of John F. Kennedy book cover "The President Has Been Shot!": The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
by James L. Swanson

On shelves 09/24/2013

There is a slew of new books about the Kennedy Assassination that bombard the bookstores every year at this time. This little gem leaves out the...

The Lost Kingdom book cover The Lost Kingdom
by Matthew J. Kirby

On shelves 08/27/2013

The Lost Kingdom is yet another fantastic journey into the past by Matthew Kirby. First he took us into New York in all its mythic,...

Ghost Hawk book cover Ghost Hawk
by Susan Cooper

On shelves 08/27/2013

Ghost Hawk begins with a boy's ordeal with nature. Survive and be a man. Or not. And then the book takes that theme and expands it until...

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail book cover The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
by Richard Peck

On shelves 07/02/2013

Poor little Mouse Minor! So tiny and runty he doesn't even have a proper name! He's always told by his aunt that, "Nameless is Blameless," but he...

May B cover May B: A Novel
by Caroline Starr Rose

On shelves 09/01/2011

I will admit that at first I was not immediately attracted to this book; for while I enjoy historical fiction, I was not sure if I could be...

Sugar book cover Sugar
by Jewell Parker Rhodes

On shelves 05/07/2013

Jewell Parker Rhodes is a master of writing plucky characters that don't feel saccharine and about dark times that don't feel choked by despair....

A Thunderous Whisper book cover A Thunderous Whisper
by Christina Diaz Gonzalez

On shelves 10/09/2012

A Thunderous Whisper straddles the line between mid-grade and teen readers. Elegant and spare, it describes the horrors of Guernica and...

Gods and Warriors book cover Gods and Warriors
by Michelle Paver

On shelves 09/04/2012

This is Michelle Paver's second foray into ancient history. Her first series — The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness — dealt with Neolithic...

Splendors and Glooms book cover Splendors and Glooms
by Laura Amy Schlitz

On shelves 08/28/2012

Marionettes have always given me the creeps. It's the strings. If I can't see the strings, I'm fine. But those little lines to some unseen power...

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