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Sky Raiders (Book One of the Five Kingdoms) book cover Sky Raiders (Book One of the Five Kingdoms)
by Brandon Mull

On shelves 03/11/2014

It's Halloween, and Cole wants to do something to impress Jenna — without making it look like he's trying to impress her. The creepy...

Warrior book cover Warrior (2 Prophecy)
by Ellen Oh

On shelves 12/31/2013

I will freely admit to being a sucker for epic adventures with exotic but grounded settings and firm roots in history and folklore. So of course...

Hunted book cover Hunted (2 Spirit Animals)
by Maggie Stiefvater

On shelves 01/07/2014

Spirit Animals is an engaging new series from Scholastic. Another along the lines of 39 Clues — short books, simple plots,...

A Hundred Horses book cover A Hundred Horses
by Sarah Lean

On shelves 01/07/2014

This is certainly not your average horse book. First of all, the setting is contemporary England. Yup, threw you off right there, didn't that!...

The Lost Boy book cover The Lost Boy
by Greg Ruth

On shelves 08/27/2013

The Lost Boy is my first graphic novel review! It was a very good start!

It's a story of a young boy, Nate, who has just moved to...

Falcon in the Glass book cover Falcon in the Glass
by Susan Fletcher

On shelves 07/09/2013

What first caught my eye about Susan Fletcher's Falcon in the Glass was that it's a middle grade historical fantasy set in Italy...

The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two book cover The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two
by Catherynne M. Valente

On shelves 10/08/2013

We first met September as a heartless imp who merrily tripped off to fairyland on a leopard without even waving goodbye (...

Pinocula (3 Creature from My Closet) book cover Pinocula (3 Creature from My Closet)
by Obert Skye

On shelves 09/24/2013

Obert Skye is doing a bang-up job of penning hilariously entertaining fables for tweens. He's giving Aesop some stiff competition!


Golden at the Fancy-Dress Party (3 Fairy Bell Sisters) book cover Golden at the Fancy-Dress Party (3 Fairy Bell Sisters)
by Margaret McNamara

On shelves 09/03/2013

I thought the first two books of the Fairy Bell Sisters series were good. But Golden at the Fancy Dress Party is even better!...

The Secret Promise (1 Rescue Princesses) book cover The Secret Promise (1 Rescue Princesses)
by Paula Harrison

On shelves 05/28/2013

The Secret Promise is the first book in a new early reader series for young girls — The Rescue Princesses. This series does...

The Lost Kingdom book cover The Lost Kingdom
by Matthew J. Kirby

On shelves 08/27/2013

The Lost Kingdom is yet another fantastic journey into the past by Matthew Kirby. First he took us into New York in all its mythic,...

The Twistrose Key book cover The Twistrose Key
by Tone Almhjell

On shelves 10/22/2013

The Twistrose Key is pure magic! Beautiful, strange, often disorienting and dark, but warmly heartening in the end. It is a story of...

Odessa Again book cover Odessa Again
by Dana Reinhardt

On shelves 05/14/2013

Odessa doesn't want to move into her new house. She doesn't want to have a mom-home and a dad-home. She doesn't want to see strange toys in front...

Wednesdays in the Tower book cover Wednesdays in the Tower
by Jessica Day George

On shelves 05/07/2013

Fairy tales are very in right now, and there is no trend more popular at the moment than revising or updating the most popular stories of...

To Be a Cat book cover To Be a Cat
by Matt Haig

On shelves 06/11/2013

Poor Barney Willow. He's been having a tough couple of years. His mom and dad are divorced, his father has disappeared under mysterious...

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