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Unthinkable ~ Nancy Werlin

Unthinkable book cover
Book Title: 
Nancy Werlin
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2013
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I would recommend this book to: 
fans of previous Werlin books, people who know the Fae are not to be messed with

This is the third book set in the world of Nancy Werlin's Impossible series. Unthinkable is an actual sequel to Impossible, and Extraordinary adds to the world. Each book can be read by itself, but I really enjoyed all three together.

Unthinkable is about the young woman, Fenella, who the curse in Impossible started with. She has been trapped in the world of the Fae for hundreds of years, but now that her descendant has broken the curse, she has a chance to be free! All she wants is the chance to be able to finally die peacefully, but the Fae are too tricky for that. Fenella makes a deal with the Faerie Queen, but it requires her to perform three acts of destruction on her descendants and their family, or they will all be trapped in Faerie forever. So Fenella has to hurt her family in order to save them.

I really like this series! The first book, Impossible, really tugged at my heart strings and Unthinkable was very enjoyable. It was nice have the back story filled in and finding out what happens to everyone. I felt for Fenella and her pain. It was easy to imagine having lived that long and just wanting it to finally end naturally.

Good series! You should try it!


I thought that this book did

I thought that this book did not adequately explain and deal with victim mentalities. Fenella has classic sexual victim issues, but they are never really fixed or addressed.

Here is my review: http://blonderj.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/unthinkable/

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