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Ian Tregillis ~ Necessary Evil

May 11 @ 3pm
New Mexico author
Ian Tregillis
presents the conclusion to his alternate history
the Milkweed Triptych

Necessary Evil
The Milkweed Triptych
Vol. 1 Bitter Seeds
Vol. 2 The Coldest War
Vol. 3 Necessary Evil
New Mexico Mercury talks
with Ian Tregillis

About the book. . .

The history of the 20th Century has been shaped by a secret conflict between technology and magic. When a twisted Nazi scientist devised a way to imbue ordinary humans with supernatural abilities — to walk through walls, throw fire, and see the future — his work became the prized possession of first the Third Reich, then the Soviet Army. Only Britain's warlocks, and the dark magics they yield, have successfully countered the threat posed by these superhuman armies.

But for decades, this conflict has been manipulated by Gretel, the mad seer. And now her long plan has come to fruition. And with it, a danger vastly greater than anything the world has known. Now British Intelligence officer Raybould Marsh must make a last-ditch effort to change the course of history — if his nation, and those he loves, are to survive.

About the author. . .

Ian Tregillis attended the University of Minnesota for both college and graduate school. Eventually the university decided it had seen quite enough of him, so it politely but firmly asked him to leave, grow up, and get a real job. Ian's parting gift was a doctorate in physics for his research on radio galaxies. After finishing his thesis, he moved to New Mexico just as soon as he found a group of people willing to hire him. He's still a bit surprised by this because he has no useful skills.

In 2005, Ian attended the Clarion Writers' Workshop in East Lansing, Michigan. There he spent six weeks living in a sweltering, slightly creepy, soon-to-be-condemned sorority house with twelve other aspiring writers. Scurvy was a problem. However, in spite of many predictions, cannibalism was not.

After Clarion, and thanks to Walter Jon Williams, he was welcomed into New Mexico's disproportionately large community of professional science fiction and fantasy writers. Although he often feels like a minor league batboy inexplicably mistaken for a professional baseball player, he has shared critiques with, and worked alongside, a long list of New Mexico writers including Walter Jon Williams, Daniel Abraham, Melinda Snodgrass, S. M. Stirling, Ty Franck, Victor Milán, Sage Walker, and George R. R. Martin.

Nowadays he lives in northern New Mexico, where he consorts with writers, scientists, and other disreputable types.

Sat, 05/11/2013 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

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